Friday, September 8, 2017

The Speed of Neurons

Science, science, and more science. We can never get enough of it. 
This little flashback moment was from the first day of school. No sense in waiting to get us started. We had a guest teacher, Mr. Cory, who was a long time Seabury staff member. Mr. Cory taught about the speed of neurons. We tried to calculate the speed of the electrical current that moved through our bodies.

These simple movement experiments were designed to illustrate the speed at which our bodies transmit data through action and reaction.

We used connections through our feet and wrists, or elbows or hands to represent the neuron pathways.

 Then we calculated the speeds and averages. Math and science in one lesson?! Hard to beat that.

It was a great lesson that spanned topics of pyschology, biology, math, and electricity. Integrated sciences at their best! A bit thanks to Mr. Cory for his hard work.

- Mr. B

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