Thursday, November 30, 2017

Dice Game

The Dice Game is a math practice we turn to when we need a break from traditional book studies. The premise is simple...pick a number, roll the dice, use the numbers on the dice to create an equation to get to the number picked. Seems easy enough, but it's more difficult than it seems.

This game really gets students to stretch their minds about math. The students have to start by testing an approach. They start using the numbers to design equations. Creating their own equations requires a degree of higher level thinking than simply working on predetermined equations on a work sheet. Then they have to test, revise, and test again to see if their equations are working.

The process allows for natural differentiation as well. Each student will work at the math levels they understand most. Advanced math students will rely on squares and algebra, while students in early learning stages will rely on arithmetic and rounding.

In addition to the basic skill building, the game is fun. Students get excited for the challenge. 

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