Monday, January 8, 2018

Small Motor Projects - Learning Hands-On

Our most recent science project was to design and create something using a small motor. The term something is used intentionally. Students were encouraged to come up with a design for an object that interested them and showed their understanding of the motor. Having a an open theme for the final creations gave students a lot of freedom in design.

Objectives for this lesson included:
- Understanding how small motors worked
- Understanding the mechanics of the magnetic rotation
- Following the design process, start to finish
- Trying, fixing, and revising designs

We had a staff with a spinning start on top.

We had a mini-mounted submarine made with a water proof case.

There was a working elevator.

A "merch" gun. A machine built to shoot confetti. It was surprisingly effective.

We even had a rabbit that ate a spinning carrot. 

The designs were amazing. All in all we had some really well executed creations. 

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