Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Fossil Field Study at the Burke Museum

Blog by the Olympians:

We went to the Burke Museum for a field study of fossils. A Paleontologist named Maureen Carlisle took us on a trip back in time and showed us many things about the cold age, hot age, dinosaur age and pre-dinosaur age.

We had a challenge to fit as many people as we could in this cave with a blue rhino skeleton. We got seven people in the hole. We had a fun time in the Tertiary period!

This is us measuring ourselves to a dinosaur leg in the Mesozoic era.

We were looking at the Paleozoic period and we saw this sign about when Washington was under water.
Maureen Carlisle told us to separate fossils from "not fossils." She gave us many rocks and fossils and we had to separate them.
These were not the fossils.

Theses were the things that were fossils.

After that, we got to dig and classify the fossils we found.

We laid them out in the same order we found them.

Then we had to tell what era the fossils we dug up were from.

After our class, we saw an archaeologist working on  the skull of a T-Rex.

We had an awesome time!

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