Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Auction Art Project

This year, while taking swimming lessons at the Norpoint Center, the Olympians admired some abstract artwork hanging on the walls. In the lobby, we found coaster tiles made with the same poured paint technique, which everyone thought looked pretty cool. We liked it so much we decided to contact the local artist who made the pieces, Darlene LeMaster, to see if she would help us with our art project for the Seabury auction.

Darlene was delighted to help out, and she started by spending a lot of time explaining the process and helping the teachers identify the supplies needed. Then she came in to lead us through the process.

Each student chose three colors of paint to "pour," turning a cup upside down on each tile to make a swirled or marble effect.

Every set turned out beautifully!

The second step was pouring a thick resin over the tiles to give them a gleaming sheen.
Every student was really pleased with what they created. Many said it was the best art project they had ever done.

After making our individual coaster sets, we used the same technique to create a large triptych, which was sold for a tidy sum at the Seabury auction.

Thanks so much, Darlene, for helping us create some amazing art!

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