Thursday, October 12, 2017

Survival Day - Revolutionary War

Reporting for duty! Revolutionary War simulation actors reporting in. The value of a simulation can be amazing for students learning about a new topic. Our simulation was geared toward being an introduction to the concepts we'll be studying for the next three weeks.

We made fortification supplies, such as lanterns. We learned about what forts looked like at the start of the American Revolutionary War. 

We calculated our costs for fortification building and living supplies using prices from the time period. It was a fun way to integrated real world math into our simulation. 

 After studying fashions from this era, we created vests and hats to be help us in our role-playing. 

We ate popcorn to refuel our minds.

 We pondered the defensive structure of our forts. 

We created some very tall hats. 

 Most of all we had fun learning about math, science, history, and engineering all at the same time.

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